If you listen to my show, you may have heard me mention my love of running. It's a hobby I do to basically stay in shape, keep the pounds off and have a good workout.  I mostly run 5K races which works out to 3.1 miles.  Sometimes I do 8K races which works out to about 5 miles total.  Now when I run, I am wearing special running shoes.  Basically they are very expensive sneakers which keep my feet feeling good when I run.

Today I just found out about a new charity run that I will most likely NOT be taking part in. It's the 4th Annual Stiletto Run on June 22nd.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.  I am all about doing charity runs but I am not about to don a pair of stilettos.  Maybe I can just send them a check.  WKBW.com has more about this unique race.