This isn't really what they mean when they say someone was mowed down.

In this graphic video, a 32-year-old man in Georgia named David Pressley shot off his leg after he shot a semiautomatic rifle at a lawnmower he filled with three pounds of an explosive identified as Tannerite.

A piece of shrapnel hit Pressley, causing his leg to sever under the knee. After he's struck, you can hear him yell, "I blew my leg off."

Pressley may have doomed from the start. Authorities say you should only use less than a pound of Tannerite when using it in a target and you should stand at least 100 yards away. In addition to the overdose of the explosive, Pressley reportedly remained a mere 25 yards away.

Pressley was taken to a nearby hospital.

A neighbor who heard the explosion summed up what you may very well be thinking right now: "You would've had to be on drugs or something to think it was a good idea to play with that and try to blow up a lawnmower."

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