Just about the time you think you know everything about your favorite band, you find out there's a lot more to learn. What makes us fans is to what extent we will go to hear their music and learn about them. Recently, the Zac Brown Band was featured in 'Relix' magazine, and the article really gives you a good glimpse at where they all came from.

The article touches on just about everything about the band, including the relationship between Zac Brown and his longtime co-writer friend Wyatt Durette, the growth of the band from three members to seven, and many of their influences. They even mentioned why they play so many covers at their shows.

There was a conscious decision that we were going to jam and play longer shows and not just do our radio hits because then, we'd get stuck doing that for the rest of our lives because our fans would expect that from us.  You mold your fans and they mold you.  So we set up our show that way and, as our crowd grew with us, they've come to expect it.

-- Jimmy De Martini (fiddle)

They mention that one of the covers that they perform involves skeleton suits and black lights while the band belts out a Pink Floyd tune called "Comfortably Numb". Unfortunately, I haven't seen them in quite some time, so I haven't ever seen this rendition of the song.  But I found it on YouTube and had to share it with you.