People in Western New York have a certain pride that not many other people around the United States will ever understand.

A unique thing that all of us take pride in is the fact that no matter where you live in Western New York, you still say you're, "from Buffalo." The love we have for our city extends beyond its limits, away from the sweet smell of Cheerios downtown. Yes, it smells like Cheerios every morning, for those who didn't know

Like most cities in America, the sports teams draw us all together. From the Buffalo Bills to the Sabres, Bisons, and Bandits. Not to mention the great colleges we have around WNY, sports unify us.

Buffalo is so much more than that though. I have lived in Western New York all 43 years of my life and am proud of it. My father believed that most people who leave come back at one point or another. The weather may force some away for a time, but the people of Buffalo are like no other in the country, and that always seems to be the bring people back home.

The "City of Good Neighbors" is more than a slogan; it's a way of life!

Like all cities, there are questions we always get. Their predictable and, to be honest sometimes a little annoying. So for the out of towners, the next time you encounter a Buffalonian perhaps you can think of a question to ask that is not the standard 7 that we always seem to get.

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