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New Study Says Neck Gaiters, Bandanas Not As Effective As Masks
For a lot of people, it's a struggle finding the right face covering -- from comfort to style, there's no shortage of options; if you have been opting for a bandana or neck gaiter style face covering though, a new study out of Duke University says they aren't as effective to prevent t…
151 Free Hot Dogs Will Be Given Out Tuesday At Ted’s
Time to celebrate! There may be nobody more excited about the Toronto Blue Jays coming to Western New York to play more than Sahlen Hot Dogs. They went from 'nobody using Sahlen Field this Summer' to 'Holy smokes a MLB team is calling Sahlen Field home this season...
Things To Do This Weekend in Western New York
There is always so much to do in Western New York, so when people complain and say there is nothing to do here, they simply just must be boring to begin with. Even during COVID-19, there is so much that Western New York has to offer to keep you busy...
People Are Boiling Wooden Spoons And We're Totally Grossed Out
I've cursed my white countertops from here to Nebraska, but they do force me into being a very clean person with a very clean kitchen. I'm also happy to report there are no wooden spoons in my kitchen.

Because y'all, have you seen what happens when you boil them?

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