Every great Community is built on an even greater Cornerstone.

Now is your chance to honor them and help the community too -- by nominating a "Community Cornerstone."

Presented by Cornerstone Community Federal Credit Union, 2021 is the perfect opportunity to elevate those with spirit and grit to make things happen and bring joy to others. No matter how small or big the effort, based on your enthusiastic nomination, one individual will be selected as a Community Cornerstone each month.

Cornerstone Community Federal Credit Union will donate $500 to the cause most dear to the winner, and the winner will receive a $100 gift card to Russell's Steakhouse to celebrate.

We would like to congratulate our monthly Community Cornerstones:

January: Pam Brauer

February: Linda Hepler

March: Debbie Cordone

April: Lee Pierce

May: Shannon McCrory-Churchill

June: Richard Snyder

July: Allegra Perna

August: Chris Krieger

September: Olivia Gonyea

For complete rules of entry, Click Here.

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