Dog Attacks Deer on Tonawanda Golf Course + May Be Charged
There was a situation on the Sheridan Park Golf Course (which isn't open yet by the way) a couple of weeks ago where an unleashed dog caused an unpleasant scene when it attacked a deer on the course.
Now, the situation is under investigation by the state Department of Environmental Conserva…
WNY College Offers Free Tuition To Payback Parents
We already know that in New York State, you can get free college to SUNY schools if your parents earn less than $125,000. Now, Meadille will reward the students and parents who make more than that.
It's called the Medaille First-Gen Payback Scholarship...
Shirtless Guy Rescues 2 Dogs Stuck In Ice On Pond [VIDEO]
We definitely had to share this!
There were two golden retrievers out on the water of a pond that was freezing temperatures and both dogs fell through in different spots in the pond and were stuck just treading in the water. So, he took off his shirt to go in there and his best friend when out there …

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