5 Things I Hope Stay The Same After The Pandemic
COVID-19 has been hard on some of us. It's a new-normal. I also realize we are sick of hearing that phrase.
But, think of all the good things that we can keep with this new way we have been living. From lifestyle to home to food, there could be some good outcomes from this...
Bills Fans Rallying To Rename Stadium Marv Levy Stadium
The Hall of Fame Buffalo Bills coach, Marv Levy is getting a lot of attention today.
First off, it is his 95th birthday today on August 3. (Did you know that Marv Levy was a meteorologist while serving and also is an English Major. After coaching some basketball, he got into football...
5 Things That EVERY Kid Leaves Laying Around [LIST]
If you are a parent you know that your child can be a slob at some points. How many times have you caught yourself telling your children to clean up their mess? Don't feel bad, because you are not alone. Here are 5 things that EVERY kid leaves laying around

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