NY Lottery Halloween Jack Cheat Sheet
WYRK and the New York Lottery want to send chills down your spine with 'Halloween Jack' the new scratch-off ticket that gives you 10 chances to win and a top prize of $25,000! Here's the Halloween movie theme song study guide to help you win!
Here Were The Winning Power Pumpkin Numbers
Power Pumpkin was a lot of fun at Wendel's Farm! Mushc like the powerball, you picked your 5 winning numbers plus one "Power Pumpkin" number and if they matched exactly, you won tickets to EVERY SINGLE SHOW in 2020.
2019 Power Pumpkin Numbers 
12 - 7 - 1 -15 -23 
Win A Snowblower From Clay & Company With 'You Snow It's Coming'
The National Weather Service keeps tabs on official snowfall during the winter months and they also have the official word on the date of the first two inches of snow in Buffalo (the Buffalo Niagara International Airport). We don't know when the first two inches will come but we have a good hun…
Historic House Explodes in East Aurora
Over the weekend, the East Aurora Fire Department, The Jamison Road Volunteer Fire Company and Orchard Park Fire Company were called to a fire in the Village of East Aurora.
According to one of the comments on Facebook, who local said that the owner was "recognized with an award for his efforts …

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