A photo was shared on a Buffalo social media group that made many people wonder if one popular gas station changed their name.

You may have noticed that there has always been a 7-Eleven on Delaware Avenue in Western New York. Well, over the weekend, many people took notice of an adjustment made to their outer sign. 

Now, the 7-Eleven looks like it has become the 8-Twelve. 

People have made jokes that this name change has to do with the time change from earlier this year when we sprung forward an hour, thus changing 7-Eleven to 8-Twelve. Customers have joked that 7-Eleven sprung forward an hour and that’s why they will now be called 8-Twelve. 

Other people have suggested that it may have to do with inflation. Prices are going up everywhere, so would that cause 7-Eleven to up their name? 

The real answer? None of those are accurate

8-Twelve has been a convenience store that has been growing somewhat under the radar for the past few years. The store first popped up in New York City, or at least that location became the most widely known through a TikTok that went viral. 


@newyorkbucketlist 8-Twelve 👀 #MSCHF #NYbucketlist ♬ Quirky - Oleg Kirilkov

It’s not the same as a 7-Eleven, either, even though it looks similar. 

8-Twelves are usually characterized by the bizarre decorations on the front of the building, One Western New Yorker gave their short review of the new location for 8-Twelve, saying “it’s a smoke shop, coffee shop, convenience store hybrid and I’m here for it.”

If you see more of these 8-Twelves popping up around New York state, just know that they are only a pop-up store (from what we can tell at this time) and soon the 7-Eleven logo should return to these locations. 

But don’t worry, 7-Eleven is sticking around!

You can visit the new version of the convenience store, 8-Twelve, while it’s here in Buffalo, New York, located at 2065 Delaware Avenue. 

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