It's not the "bring your own cup" day, which is totally awesome by the way and if we had a 7-Eleven on our college town... well let's just say I would have some throw back photos! No, it's not the "bring your own cup" day, but it is a way to get a buy one, get one Slurpee!

7 Eleven has announced inn honor of National Siblings Day (April 10th) you can get a buy one, get one free Slurpee in any size, but the catch is you have to bring in your sibling. Now 7-Eleven is pretty sharp and they realize that not everyone lives near their siblings so they also extended the promotion to bffs, co-workers and honestly the person getting out of the car next to you. Just bring someone with you when you purchase your Slurpee and you can get one for free when you purchase one! The promotion also continues through the the 16th so you have plenty of time to find a friend to take advantage of this deal and you can grab one everyday if you wanted to!

The buy one, get one event runs from April 10th -16th at participating 7-Elevens. The promotions involves any size Slurpee. Find a 7-Eleven near you HERE.




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