I think I speak for most people, when I say that finding a hidden-gem item at a local store is an amazing feeling. It's when you're not expecting it either -- it takes you completely by surprise.

I was driving around Buffalo on Saturday morning, running some errands, and I stopped in for a few snacks at a local 7-Elevent store.

I was about to walk out, when I saw something I had not seen in at least 15 years, if not longer. It's something that I grew up eating in the 90's as a kid.

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I found a display of Dunkaroos in the corner of the 7-Eleven on Abbott Road in the City of Buffalo; but even though I knew Dunkaroos had recently made a comeback in stores, I had no idea they had also brought back the chocolate frosting version of their snacks.

'90s kid nostalgia on overload right now.

If you're unfamiliar with them, Dunkaroos are bite-size graham cracker style cookies that you dip into a frosting. The standard ones have vanilla frosting, but there's also a chocolate frosting one, that I had not had since I was in middle school.

It was a glorious surprise and yes, even though I'm an adult, I absolutely won't apologize for still adoring the nostalgic 90's and early 2000s food of my childhood.

3D Doritos recently made a comeback too, as did Surge. Now, if we can only bring back Squeez-Its...

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