Being a first responder has to be one of the most interesting jobs on the planet. You never know what you're going to run into during your shift.

There's a reason why shows like "Cops" and random videos about law enforcement on X do so well.  They always seem so outlandish but they're real life.  Some of the craziest things we see in videos like those, police officers see every day.

Tonawanda police had to send officers for a pig on the loose

Wednesday night, Tonawanda Fire Alert shared an audio clip on X of an officer asking for help from a local agency to wrangle a pig that was on the loose.  He was on his way to a call on Roma when he saw the pig wandering on East Delevan at Fisher.  You can hear in his voice that he's a little confused by it.

You can hear someone come on the radio and say "The pig's name is little bacon."

Shortly after, the original officer said to cancel the call for help.  The owner came back and retrieved their pig.

(Google Maps)
(Google Maps)

There are so many questions here

If this call had come from somewhere like Springville, Eden, or North Collins, most people probably wouldn't even blink an eye at it.  But considering it was in Tonawanda, there are more questions.  Whose pig was it?  Was it a pet pig or was it going to be food soon?  Hanzlian's Sausage isn't far from there.  Did it escape, only to be brought back?  Who caught the pig?  Did it surrender or was there a chase?  Where is the pig now?

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