There are tons of people in New York State who own dogs that are accidentally breaking the law.

There could be some serious fines if you do not get your dog registered and are a repeat offender. There are tons of people who do not have their dog registered, but we recently found 2 dogs in Lancaster, New York. There were 2 golden retrievers who were running down a pretty busy street and it was obvious that they just ripped their stake out of the ground because it was still connected to their leashes. Luckily, they were able to get a chip and contact the dog owners who were reunited within an hour.

Every dog in New York State needs to be registered per state law by a certain time.

  • Every dog needs to be registered by the time the dog is 4 months old.
  • You need to register within your town or village.
  • It is mandatory.

Every dog that it in New York State needs an ID number.


  • All dogs are assigned, as licensed, a municipal identification number and tag.
  • This ID tag must always be affixed to that dog’s collar.
  • Dogs must always be identified when off the owner’s premises.
  • The municipality may exempt this requirement when the dog is participating in a dog show.

There is a New York State law on how it can cost you to register and it all depends if your day is neutered or spayed.

  • The city, town or village sets the price on how much it is to register, but the law from New York requires some to be more.
  • The fee for an unspayed or unneutered dog must be at least five dollars more than a spayed or neutered dog.


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