Does Anyone Know What This Animal Is?
Does anyone know what animal this is?
Yesterday, we were about to head out on a pontoon that we rented from Collins Marine in Tonawanda, when we saw this. My grandma was walking down the dock and she was not-so-thrilled about this little guy walking around her all over the place...
VIDEO: Bear Charges At Park Officer
Does anyone remember all of bears that kept wandering in the suburbs last summer? There seemed to be a crazy amount of bears that were finding their way into unusual spots like Depew, Lancaster and Cheektowaga. At one point, there was a bear seen by George Urban, close to the Buffalo Niaga…
VIDEO: Rochester Firefighters Rescue Cat + Give It Oxygen Mask
These are the heroes in life! Check out this video of a cat getting an oxygen mask after getting rescued in a house fire in Rochester, New York!
This is the kind of stuff success story that you love to see on the internet. There were a string of fires in Rochester at the same location, same home two …

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