New Dog Law in WNY Passes Last Night
This law passed last year around this time and because it's so hot outside again today (temps may just reach up to 90 degrees), it may be a good reminder.
15 days in jail and up to a $1,000 fine.
That's the penalty if you leave your dog outside in the extreme cold or heat in Niagara County, …
Want To See A Moose Taking A Dip In A Pool? [VIDEO]
Imagine waking up to go get downstairs to make yourself a cup of coffee and seeing a moose just chilling in the shallow end over your pool. Of course, eventually she gets too hot and goes for a swim in the deep end.
A couple in Ottawa's found the moose hanging out for a few hours before getti…
Proposed Laws May Not Let Your Animal On Plane in the Future
Well, you have to admit it seemed to be getting out of hand.
You know that when you go on a plane, you may see some service animals in all different capacities.
A few weeks ago not, U.S. Department of Transportation talked about changed that may change which animals can actually be in the cabin o…
PICTURES: Man Got A Bobcat In Western New York [NSFW]
On guy in Allegheny County in Cuba got a bobcat this week. He cited that he was getting the chickens in the backyard and "they don't make good house cats either".
On Facebook, folks came to criticize the man, but folks who actually have problems with bobcats that own other anim…
Removes Dog's Eye
Kimberly Hayden made a visit to the vet after her 12-year-old dog Chloe's left eye was tearing up and irritated.
She got a phone call saying that a surgery was needed and it was 'critical' and the eye needed to be removed, but she claims they did not ask for her permission, especially …

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