If they end up in your house this Spring, you do not have to worry about them biting.

More and more people have said that they have made their ways into home around New York State. You might not know the boxelder bug by name, but you probably have seen these before. They are black bugs that almost look like a beetle with a red 'arrow stripe' down their back.

Now, people are saying that they have been appearing inside people's houses. Unlike their cousins, the stinkbug, they aren't invasive and they just want to be in your house.

How you get rid of these Boxelder bugs?

  1. Spray Boxelder Bugs with Dish Soap.
  2. Clean Large Surfaces with Dish Soap.
  3. Vacuum Up the Box Elder Bugs.
  4. Seal Up Doors and Windows.
  5. Seal or Replace Ill-Fitting Electrical Cover Plates.
  6. Remove or Trim Box Elder Trees

If you are having a problem with stink bugs in your house that is pretty common for this time of the year. Most of the stink bugs come to your house for warmth when they come off the trees. If you want to get rid of them, the generally don't stink despite your name if you squish them. Sometimes the fluid will be yellow if you squish them. But, here is a great way to get rid of stink bugs that are in your house:

1.) Fill up a shallow tupperware bin with water.

2.) Add a cup of dish soap.

3.) Put a spot light or lamp next to your solution and when they fall in they will be trapped.

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