Tree-Killing Bug Is A Threat To Properties in WNY
The ash tree killing bug has been a massive problem in Western New York over the past few years. These tiny bugs embed themselves in ash trees and kill them and the problem begins as they may fall on your house. With high winds and the dead trees come issues...
By Bed Bugs
According to a report from WIVB, some moviegoers are complaining of bed bug bites after visiting the Regal Elmwood Cinemas in North Buffalo.
We're Cringing
I cringe watching this one. It's almost as bad as the worst head lice case that we showed you last week. This is the worst case of the bed bugs of all time from our friends in Syracuse. Here's what he said on his YouTube page: This man had bed bugs so bad but failed to ever tell his apartment management...
Centipede Finds Its Way Into Brett’s House [VIDEO]
Doors stay open longer this time of year.  If you have kids, then you know that this is true.  But it's not always their fault.  I mean, when I'm grilling and I'm in and out of the house, I tend to leave doors open too.  But I'm thinking I'll be more careful now that I found what comes in when you leave doors open.