Welcome to spring where we get warmer weather, probably a little more sunshine, and definitely more bugs!  But how many of them are actually bad?

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You've probably already noticed some of them in your house already.  It starts to warm up, they start to hatch and get more active, and suddenly you're looking for the highest-rated exterminator to call.

Are there dangerous bugs that live in New York?

When you compare New York to other states, the number of actually "dangerous" bugs that live here are pretty small.  We don't see the spiders and the scorpions that you would see in a much warmer state like Arizona or another warm climate state. There have been sightings of black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders here (which are both very dangerous to humans) but neither are native here and sightings are very rare.

Ticks can be dangerous to humans

They have been known to carry Lyme Disease and their bite can transfer it to us and there are plenty of them in New York.  You'll find them in tall grass and fields in the spring a lot.

Mosquitos are actually one of the most dangerous animals in the world

They estimate that they actually cause the death of around 725,000 people every year.  But it's the diseases that they carry that create the problems.  It's not the bite of the mosquitos themselves.

New York is home to plenty of bugs that sting

What we do have a lot of are bugs that sting.  You will find wasps and yellowjackets all over the place in New York.  Their sting doesn't just hurt, it can be deadly to someone who is allergic to their venom.

But for the most part, most of the bugs that you find in your home are harmless.  They're not there to suck your blood or eat you.  They're just looking for a nice place to live and your house was open (either through a crack or an open door).

Of the bugs that you've seen in your house this year, are any of them dangerous?

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