Despite the fact, it's the third week of September and we're heading into cooler weather, it doesn't mean bugs won't go away that easily. Most bugs are harmless enough (ants, gnats, most spiders), but there's a bug that is causing a huge headache for New York and other states.

There's an invasive bug that is called, Lycorma Delicatula. It's also known as the spotted lanternfly.

Back in July, the NYSDEC wanted you to report this bug if you saw it. Now, officials are asking you to kill it.

The reason is these bugs are highly invasive and damaging to over 70 kinds of plants, fruits, and trees. That's a problem for the New York State ecosystem.

When the spotted lanternflies feed on plants, it creates a liquid called honeydew. No, not the honeydew you eat, but a fluid that encourages mold growth that weakens plants.

These bugs reproduce very quickly, which is why it's important for people to squish them if they see them in their yard. It's not just New York, either. These bugs are a problem in other northeast states and were first spotted back in 2014.

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Many environmental accounts are spreading the word about getting rid of the spotted lanternfly.

These bugs are very pretty, so it's bittersweet to not want them around, but officials are fearful for the plants and trees in New York State, so it makes sense.

Have you seen them yet?

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