We have plenty of insects in New York. But did you know we have an "official" state insect?  Which one is it?

Right around this time of year, it feels like it would be insane to name any other insect the "official state insect" if its name wasn't "mosquito." Between those, flies, and gnats we have tons of insects that love to "bug" us here in New York State.

Why do we have "official state insects?"

It feels like there's an official everything, right? From the official bird to the official flower and everything in between. Did you know our official animal in New York is the beaver?

Why do we do it?

According to StateSymbolsUSA.org they're symbols that are supposed to "represent the cultural heritage & natural treasures of each state." Click here to see some of the main categories that exist now.

Who gets to decide on the Official State Symbols?

All of these things are supposed to represent us as a state or a country, but who gets to determine what those things are?

There isn't just one person or office.  It has to go through a voting process like everything else. Lawmakers write bills and then people get to decide with their vote if they agree that it represents their state or municipality.

What is the official state insect?

So back to the original question - what insect is the "Official insect of New York?"

It's the ladybug. To be more specific, it's the "Nine Spotted Lady Bug."

The ladybug is actually not exclusive to New York as the official state insect there. It's the official state insect in five other states!

Quiz: Do you know your state insect?

Stacker has used a variety of sources to compile a list of the official state insect(s) of each U.S. state, as well as their unique characteristics. Read on to see if you can guess which insect(s) represent your state. 

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