Don't send a dog to jail by doing this in New York State. Dog owners from all over New York State do not like this, and we understand.

Here is what happened on Sunday and I feel like I made the right call, but everyone was getting on my case after I told the story during Clay and Company this morning. I was on my way to get some McDonald's on Transit Road when I saw 2 golden retrievers trotting down Pleasant View in Lancaster, one on each side of the road, connected by a real think rope.

It was obvious they ripped out the stake that was holding them in the ground.

I got out of my car to get them out of the road and they immediately jumped in my car. I had no idea what to do, but I pulled in someone's driveway that was outside and went to a few doors asking if anyone knew whose they were. Nobody even recognized the dogs.

I decided to call dog control.


When the dog control got there. The lady was super nice and I feel like dog control gets a bad rap. I think we have to remember the people who love dogs, are the ones who work for dog control. When I told her I didn't want the dogs to go to jail, she assured me that they get a bad rap and they were going to a place where it's heated, nice and they will be listening to NPR. I didn't feel as bad. She also mentioned that the worst that was going to happen was that, if they didn't have their shots, they would have to wait until morning to go to a vet and be picked up.

Luckily, dog control let me know about an hour later they had been picked up. But, the moral of the story is, don't get mad at dog control--they take good care of them. The officers told me that on a low day, they will get 5 or 6 calls a day and the craziest weekend for dog catchers is the 4th of July weekend where they will get HUNDREDS of calls.

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