Blue-Green Algae Can Poison You Dog–WNY Spots To Be Aware Of
If you've been on Facebook, you may have seen the blue-green algae scare for dogs, especially in the southern states lately where it has cause multiple dog deaths.
Double check the DEC map to make sure that there is no blue-green algae in the freshwater stream or pond you dog is about to go…
Somewhere in WNY Should Do This To Pizza Boxes
Any pizzerias want to jump on this idea?
This pizzeria in New Jersey is helping out the community and anyone with a lost dog or cat. They're taking the boxes and putting the information about a specific pet that is lost in the area in hopes of increasing the amount of eyes on the lookout...
City Of Tonawanda Law Bans Dogs For City Events
According to WGRZ, the city of Tonawanda has passed an ordinance that prohibits people from bringing dogs to city events, such as the annual, Canal Fest.
Jace Kowsky, a dog patrol officer, says the decision on the ordinance was a long time in the making...
WATCH: Dogs Rescue Dog From Near Shark Attack [VIDEO]
No way!! A bunch of friends were all at the beach with their dogs and one of the pups went into the water when a shark approached. Well, all of the dog's friends noticed and came to the rescue by pouncing and biting the shark.
Everyone was okay, but the incident was caught on video...
Pet Emergency Class Tonight in West Seneca
There is a class tonight that the SPCA will put on that will help you in a crisis with you pet. The class will help you identify symptoms of serious emergencies, teach animal CPR and how to handle wounds.
SPCA in West Seneca
300 Harlem Rd, West Seneca, NY 14224

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