Be on the lookout. 4 INCH LEGS!

Here's what the giant spiders look like that are going to invade New York State. Some officials are saying that these giant 'flying' spiders will fall to the ground especially in New York and Pennsylvania sometime this summer.

If you don't like spiders, you are certainly not going to like this. Officials predict that there are going to be millions of these spiders appearing later this year. Kind of like the cicada bugs that have emerged in the south, it is somewhat of these predicted bug pandemics.

They are called the Joro spiders, or more scientifically, Trichonephila clavata.

What do the Joro Spiders look like?

The first time that we saw them, they kind of reminded us of bumble bees mixed with a giant spider. They have yellow and black stripes on the body with very long daddy-long-leg like legs.

Can the Joro Spiders bite?

They are generally harmless to you and your pets.

The spiders can get up to the size of your palm. According to one Pest Control company that talked to Fox News, here is what they say about the spider that is native to East Asia:

As the Joro spider invasion continues its northward trajectory, the possibility of their arrival in New [York] later this year has heightened concerns among residents and authorities alike," the company said. "The potential for these spiders to establish populations in new regions raises questions about how local ecosystems will respond and adapt to their presence."

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Gallery Credit: Brett Alan

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