Dog Owners Your Dry Dog Food Is Being Recalled
If you're a dog owner make sure that you take a good look at your dog and if you see any drooling, vomiting, lethargy and loss of appetite, contact your vet.
The FDA has recalled nine dry dog food brands after receiving complaints that the dogs consuming these brands experienced vitamin D t…
Dog Enters Wedding in Style For The Groom [VIDEO]
If you're anywhere on the internet the past few days, you probably already have seen this, but if you're a dog person--you may want to consider doing this for your wedding LOL. Of course, someone else is operating the golden doodle's car, but he successfully made it down the aisle to …
Woah! Alligator Found by Allegheny National Forest [VIDEO]
We have that bear walking around all over Western New York, but there was an alligator found not to far from WNY--and it doesn't really make any sense.
People in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania have found an alligator that has been chilling for the past few days in a sewage pond...

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