There is a chance that certain pet foods are going to go up in price a lot, really fast. The police were called Wednesday morning after an incident as well.

They make the Milk-Bone dog treats right here in Buffalo at 243 Urban St, Buffalo, NY 14211. Unfortunately, the union at Buffalo Milk Bone plant went on strike after voting down deal on Tuesday. The strike could have a impact eventually on price, production and distributing the dog food.

While the parent company, The J.M. Smucker Company said there will be no IMMEDAITE increases in price or distributions, they only said that they anticipate no change in the short-term.

We were disappointed to learn of the Buffalo IAM Union’s decision to strike, despite having reached alignment with Union leadership on a fully recommended tentative agreement last Wednesday. We have a strong track record of providing competitive wages and benefits to all employees and have always engaged fairly and transparently in our negotiations with our Union partners. Regarding our negotiations with the IAM, we are confident the agreement put forward was not only fair but competitive based on the current market. While we manage this issue, we remain committed to delivering on the needs of consumers and do not anticipate an immediate impact to product availability. A majority of our Buffalo employees are not participating in the strike and will continue operations at our facility. We will also maintain production of our Milk-Bone dog snacks at our Topeka, Kansas, manufacturing facility, as well as several co-packers", according to press release.

Police were called to the site of the workers striking because on Wednesday morning a car hit one of the people striking.

UPDATE: Apparently, the accident was extremely minor.

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