Is This An Appropriate Tip For Curbside Pickup?
How much should we be tipping for curbside pickup. It's been the new normal during COVID-19, and it's something I keep finding myself struggling with. We eat out a lot...more than we probably should and I never want to jip someone out of a tip that they deserve...
Here Are All The Different Pizza Logs You Can Buy
The Original Pizza Logs are actually made right here in Western New York. (Isn't it insane some of the sweetest stuff was invented in Buffalo--chicken wing, I Got It, air conditioning, the pizza logs). The plant where they are made is over on Inducon Drive West in S…
The 7 Most ‘Buffalo’ Pizzas Ever Created
Buffalo's pizza is arguably the best pizza in America.
We are known for being famed for its light dough, slightly sweet sauce and charred pepperoni. You know exactly what we're talking about: the pepperoni that is charred real good and turns the edges into a cup full of grease...

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