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Nintendo Introducing Portable “Switch Lite”
In 2017, Nintendo introduced the "Switch", which sold over 10 million units in less than a year. The gaming console has been a must for gamers everywhere and now, Nintendo is adding its portable "lighter" version.
According to WKBW, the Nintendo Switch Lite will hi…
You Can Buy “Just The Crust” At This Pizzeria
The crust on a pizza. Some people love it and others, not so much; sometimes leaving it uneaten entirely.
Now, one pizzeria has decided to sell only the crust from the, seriously!
Villa Italian Kitchen is a national pizza chain who has gotten so much demand from customers, they have decided…
Actor Rip Torn Passes Away At 88
Sad news out early this morning that award-winning actor Rip Torn has passed away, at the age of 88.
Torn's first movie credit came in 1956's Baby Doll and you know him from countless movies over the years, including Canadian Bacon, Men in Black and the voice of Zeus in the animat…

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