Tonawanda Bar Gets Surprise Call From Barstool Sports
I'm still convinced that Barstool Sports stole this from Buffalo Bills cornerback Josh Norman.
MONTHS ago, Josh Norman started the Buffalo Business Blitz in which he was asking for donations for businesses in Western New York and he wants to give them all a check at the beginning of 2021 to help…
1,000 Teens in WNY To Get $1,000 If They Do This
If you know a kid in the Western New York area between the ages of 13 and 18, you can make $1,000! If you know a kid who is creative, this might just be their chance!
What exactly do you have to do? Just be you and come up with an idea...
Is This New Wedding Shower Idea Rude?
Things are changing when it comes to weddings, not even mentioning the COVID-19 pandemic that. I'm talking about some of the more traditional small details. You're seeing less people get married in a church, less couples give favors at their reception, more people doing stags AND bachelor …
All Of The Things You Could Buy in Buffalo With $10,000
You could win $10,000 on WYRK starting Monday with the WIN CASH contest! Imagine all of the things that you could do with $10,000. You could do anything that you wanted with it. But, for the sake of fun lets pretend that you CANNOT use the money for bills and credit cards...
5 Things You Can Save Yourself Some Money + Negotiate Price On
This morning we were talking on Clay and Company about how there are two different types of people:
1.) The people that will bargain and call numerous locations looking for the best price.
2.) The person that gets one price and doesn't want to waste anymore time and just says 'that is grea…

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