Best Stimulus Check Purchase For People Who Can’t Sleep
This is just about gold.
If you can't sleep, this is perfect. Maybe you roll over too many times in the middle of the night. Or maybe when your going to sleep is the same exact time that your brain starts going into over-drive, thinking of things you don't even think of during the day...
The Dead + Jailed Inmates Need To Return Stimulus Checks
Yes, the deceased should not have received a check. So, if you received extra money in your account because a loved one passed away between filing their taxes and the stimulus checks, you have to send their portion of money back.
Also, inmates cannot collect a check as well and it needs to be returne…
Get 150% Credit For Concert Tickets–If Your Show is Cancelled
This is pretty cool if you have a ticket to a Darien Lake show you can opt in to the Ticket Refund Policy. You will get 150% value back for the ticket you purchased only if a show has been CANCELLED.
For instance, if you purchased a $200 Zac Brown Band ticket, becasue it was cancelled you can get a $…
Each Item You Have On This List is 1 Point — GET RID OF IT
There are two kids of people:

The ones that see something that has no problem throwing anything out.
Or people who hold onto ANYTHING thinking it could be worth money one day.

Now, on the internet you may see a VERY specific item that MAY be worth some money to someon…
First 3 Steps To Get Rid Of Your Debt
This morning on Clay & Company, we were talking about all of the debt that we have and the strategies that we have to combat it. Some work. Some don't. Money expert, Dave Ramsey has a ton of information, but he suggests quite the process, but they boil down to ideas like this.

Have You Ever Done This With Your Kid’s Communion Money?
What do you do with your kid's money when they get gifts for their baptism money, birthday money or communion money? Did you get a wad crash from your parents when you left the house?
A couple of my friends who are married, have a 2-year-old and were in a debate yesterday...
New York State Looking To See If They Owe You
New York State has given out over $206 million already in 2019! '
Every day New York State returns $1.5 million to those to those who file claims with the state. It's super simple, too. Right now, according to WKBW,  there is $16 billion waiting to be claimed...

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