There is confirmation that by mid-September, the New York State Star checks will be mailed out to eligible homeowners. The average check statewide is $778 for the Basic STAR check and $1,407 for Enhanced STAR.

The Director of Communications and Outreach, Geoff Gloak says via email that checks will be mailed out by mid-September for most Erie and Genesee County residents. Each county in New York State will have their STAR checks sent out at different times. For example, Westchester county districts were processed, according to the New York State website:

We began mailing STAR Credit checks to your area on 07/12/23. We will continue to mail checks and letters about eligibility throughout the upcoming weeks.

In contrast, most Erie County districts have yet to be sent.

How do I get signed up to receive the STAR check from New York State?

You must sign up for the program otherwise, you will not get a check. You can do it online or by phone.

What is the difference between the basic STAR check from New York State and the Enhanced STAR check?

The Basic STAR exemption is available to all eligible homeowners with incomes below $250,000, regardless of the owners’ age.

The Enhanced STAR exemption provides a larger benefit to seniors who meet the Enhanced income and eligibility standards. For starters, you need to be 65 or older by the end of 2023 and you must live in and own you home as your primary residence. Check out the other criteria here on the New York State website.

When will I get the New York State STAR check? When is New York State sending out the homeowners check?

You can see the status of the STAR checks for each town and school district here. It is super easy to use the LOOK UP feature. All you have to do is pick the county that you live in, the school district and you will see the DELIVERY STATUS of your check.

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