We had our first child in June 2016! And now that he just turned five years old, Hank and his two other brothers, Teddy and Gus sure give my wife and I run for our money!
It’s easy to maintain a clean and organized house when you’re single and even when you’re married it can be easier if you both take on the responsibilities of maintaining the house the laundry and everything that goes with it. But people get busy and somethings get left behind.
That being said, I am a huge fan of an organized place. As a matter of fact back in my single days my friends would accuse me of having a museum for a house. But I have learned over these last five years with kids how to check myself and not overreact to the masses that I find every single day around our home. I realize we are not alone in this battle to keep things organized with kids in the house. I honestly have no idea how my mom put up with five of us always making messes.
I walked around our home this week and snapped a few photos of what I think are the common masses that you really don’t think of until you have children and honestly have given up trying to make the place perfect. We live there it’s our home and it’s meant to be cluttered every now and again.

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