A woman in Western New York has been waiting 32 years for this moment, but she needs your help. 

Ashley Lynn has been a huge fan of Rob Ray, a former professional ice hockey player for the Buffalo Sabres and the Ottawa Senators, for several years.

Ray is currently a Canadian sports broadcaster, and he has collected several accolades over the years, including the 1999 King Clancy Memorial Trophy from the NHL for his leadership and humanitarianism. 

He’s left a lasting impact on several Sabres fans over the years, including Ashley Lynn, who is on a mission to meet up with Rob Ray this week. 

Lynn is celebrating her 32nd birthday on Thursday, July 11, and if you have been a fan of Rob Ray, you already know that he wore #32 during his time with the Buffalo Sabres.

That means that this year, Lynn is celebrating her “Rob Ray Birthday,” but she would love to get a picture with Rob to celebrate the big 3-2! 

Lynn shared this post with the Bills Mafia Babes, asking for their help with the task:

“I’ve been madly hooked on Rob Ray since I was about 5.

Tomorrow I turn 32, his number. I’ve been calling it my Rob Ray birthday.

I so badly just want a picture with him. (I have 100+)

But tomorrow is my Rob Ray birthday.

Open to any help!

I’ve waited 32 years for this day.”

Lynn gave us permission to share the post outside of the group, in hopes of making her birthday wish come true!

Several people have stories of Rob Ray and how kind and genuine of a person he is to everyone who has met him. Think he would be able to make this happen for Ashley Lynn?

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