Buffalo News

Delivery of Buffalo News Delayed
The Buffalo News has alerted subscribers that delivery of Thursday's editions have been severely delayed for what they describe as a computer error that has affected multiple newspapers.
Former Buffalo Bill Fred Jackson Coming Back To Buffalo
It's called the Buffalo News Prep Talk Awards and organizers have recruited former Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson to be the guest speaker.  This year's 4th annual Prep Talk Awards is set for Wednesday, June 14th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.  The Prep Talk Awards…
It's Buffalo News Kids Day
It's Buffalo News Kids Day! On your way to work, watch for volunteers at intersections around Western new York selling the special edition of The  Buffalo News.
Man Gets Pulled Over For Going 109 mph on I-86
What is the fastest you've ever driven in a car?  I'm not a fast driver, so my number wouldn't impress anyone.  I can say, I've never gone over 100 mph in a car.  That's what a guy from Pennsylvania tried to do when he got pulled over on I-86.
Free Buffalo Bills Log shaving into your hair
Untitled New Era Cap Co. is giving Buffalo Bills fans to go even more gong-ho for their favorite team. We've seen fans spray paint their entire bodies red or blue. Now, the cap company is inviting and encouraging fans to get the Buffalo Bills logo shaved directly into their hair...
Meth Lab Found In A Walmart Parking Lot Sewer
Amherst Police say it was during a random, routine inspection that a working meth lab was found in a storm sewer under the parking lot of the Walmart on Sheridan Drive at North Bailey on Monday afternoon.  Area fire companies and State Police responded to the scene and determined it wasn't…
Katie Couric in Buffalo
Katie Couric, former CBS Evening News anchor and co-host of the Today Show, is visiting Buffalo with her film crew to grab coverage for her 'Rebuilding America' series.
Buffalo is one of six cites being featured in the “Rebuilding America” series...