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Lowe’s Will Deliver Your Christmas Tree For FREE This Year
This is the year to get your Christmas tree delivered right to your front door. There are a lot of traditions that are going to be modified or just completely be skipped this year because of COVID. You may not be going on your family trip to cut your Christmas Tree down this year, so here is a great…
Dallas The Seal At The Buffalo Zoo Passes Away
Dallas, the largest California seal lion at the Buffalo Zoo unexpectedly passed away at the Zoo Sunday night. He was the big lovable seal that you would always see dancing and definitely you could hear him bark from far away.
We are heartbroken to share that Dallas, the California sea lion, unexpecte…
The Peanuts Have Officially Been Pulled From Primetime Network TV
We need to start protecting traditions!
This morning during Clay and Company, we were talking about how traditions are starting to die and, especially with the year we are having, we hope they are not gone completely. Some towns and villages around Western New York have made some serious modificatio…

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