Hurricane Beryl has been causing trouble through the Atlantic for over a week, ranking as a Category 5 hurricane. However, the damage from this storm is becoming increasingly worse because it is triggering other weather storms, including tornados, throughout the United States. 

States that are in the direct path of a tornado risk include Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and New York. 

New York rarely has tornados, but there have been a few in Western New York, which is the area determined to have the highest risk of a possible tornado from Hurricane Beryl, according to USA Today

Last year, New York only saw 10 tornadoes for the entire year, and while that may not seem like a lot, it looks like we could see more than usual this year. 

Chances are typically slim because Buffalo, New York typically has a low likelihood of being impacted by tornadoes, according to Risk Factor; however, many people in West Seneca, NY spotted a tornado at the end of June.  

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Bailey Schrier, a resident in West Seneca, believed that a mini cyclone touched down near her house on June 30, and she messaged the WYRK Facebook page, describing her observations.

Schrier said, “We believe a mini cyclone touched down. “We had a tree fall on our house and another tree fall on our garage in West Seneca, NY.”

You can take a look at some of those pictures below. 

Tornado Touched Down Near West Seneca, NY

Take a look at the damage from a mini cyclone in Western New York.

Gallery Credit: Bailey Schrier


Several other West Seneca residents looked at their ring camera footage, and they determined that some kind of cyclone ripped through the area on June 30. 

You may see similar storm-like conditions throughout the rest of this week. 

Patrick Hammer, chief meterologist at WGRZ, said severe storms are possible for Wednesday. The storm's prediction center has most of Western New York in a Slight (level 2) even Enhanced (level 3) risk.  

Hammer said the tornado risk is quite low, but some places around the area could “see a 5-10% chance in parts of western and central NY.” 

Nobody enjoys the anticipation of a tornado, but on the bright side, they rarely rear their ugly head in Western New York. 

As stated earlier, the state of New York only recorded 10 tornadoes throughout the 2023 year, with no fatalities. The previous year, there were only 7 tornadoes throughout the state, again without any fatalities, according to NY Databases

Hopefully we won’t have to deal with another tornado threat in the near future.

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