There are a ton of places you can go for quality chicken wings in Western New York. Duff’s Famous Wings, Bar-Bill, Anchor Bar, Elmo’s Bar & Restaurant, and so many others can top the list on any given day; however, the answer to “Where are the best chicken wings in Buffalo?” can be a complicated one. 

It’s subjective, right? If you ask any Western New Yorker what their favorite spot is for chicken wings, they are going to give you an answer that is based on their own personal opinions and feelings rather than the location that is foolproof for wings, because there are just so many excellent options and one appeals more than others. 

For me, the best place to get chicken wings is The Nine-Eleven Tavern

I’ve fluctuated between my favorite wing spots over the years, but right now I am locked into The Nine-Eleven Tavern, and there’s a few reasons why. 

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First and foremost, The Nine-Eleven Tavern has been inducted into the Buffalo Wing Hall of Fame. They have also ranked in the top 3 for hot wings at the National Buffalo Wing Festival. The wings are flavorful that any first-time customer would recognize instantly. Large and crispy wings with just the right amount of sauce hit the spot from The Nine-Eleven Tavern. 

Some customers have referred to these wings as the “wings of your childhood,”  because it reminds you of an earlier time before the flavored sauce craze took over wing restaurants around the world. 

If you have never tried The Nine-Eleven Tavern, you won’t be disappointed by their wings! 

Like I said earlier, there are tons of local wing places around Buffalo. Take a look below at some of the other top choices for wings. 

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