This Halloween if you are looking to take a trip back into history and maybe run into some ghosts from days past, check out some famous graves located here in New York State.

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New York is known for its rich long history of being home to influential people and many of those people who have had an impact not only in the area but around the world are spending the rest of eternity here in our great state.

From presidents to singers, to world changers you will find a wide variety of famous people who call New York state their final resting home. Some of the famous people even share their final resting place with each other.

You can find some of the graves can be found in famous graveyards like Forest Lawn Cemetery while some gravesites are located on the person's land or home that they owned while they were alive.

If you plan on taking a ghost walk this Halloween there are certain gravestones you will want to have on your list. Check out this list of 8 famous people that you didn't know were buried here in New York.

Of course, if you do decide to check out these famous gravesites this Halloween, please respect the rules and regulations of each cemetery and burial ground. Also, make sure that you check and verify the hours of operations of each location before you head out on your special ghost walk.

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