There are always months that you might get a better deal on an item than other months and January is a big month for that! Yes, it's after peak shopping season for the holiday and the start of a new year to maybe lure people in trying to become "new versions" on themselves! But, this could work out for you if you're in the market for any of these! According to PureWow, these big ticket items are cheaper in January!



    Fitness equipment

    Let's face it, we all know the gym is packed during the first few weeks of the new year with all the weight-loss resolutions out there! However, this could work out for you if you're looking to switch gyms, build your own, or stock up on your fitness accessories!

  • Stockbyte

    Rugs and carpeting

    Now that your holiday entertaining is done and your family (that only visits once of year) has destroyed your floors this is the perfect time to switch it up and replace your rugs or carpets!

  • Purestock


    Let's face it, bicycles aren't a hot item in the snowy makes it hard to ride. However, that means bike shops are looking to unload some inventory!

  • zorazhuang


    I feel like you always know someone who is looking to upgrade their couches! I know I need one! Good news for you! With the new year here stores are looking to introduce new furniture in February which means killer deals for you! According to PureWow, you could see saving from "40 to 60% as retailers clear space."

  • Kondor83


    Christmas may be over, but Jewelers are now looking at Valentine's Day in February! Get ready to take advantage if them trying to grab your business!


  • Man comfortably sleeping in his bed

    Duvet covers + Bedding

    Can you say WHITE SALE!!!! It happens in January and it means most bed and bath linens are on sale! Time to refresh your room!

  • BrianAJackson


    Believe it or not, 2017 calendars are already considered out-of-date! Even though were only a week into the new year, keep your eyes out for awesome deals on new calendars for your new year!

  • MihailDechev

    Winter Coats

    I was in JC Penny over the weekend and they were overflowing with winter coats! Get ready for major mark downs on these because most people have already bought their coats for this winter and retailers are looking to unload to make room for their spring inventory!

  • Design Pics

    Christmas Decorations

    If you haven't already hit up Target, get there now! it will be slim pickings but all things Christmas are marked down big time! Obviously, retailers are looking to not hold onto Christmas decorations until next year. If your in the market for an artificial pre-lit tree, this would be the time to grab one!