I remember having fun summer days with friends in my old north Amherst neighborhood during the late-90's.

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After we played street hockey, football, baseball, tag -- or whatever other game we played at the age of nine, I would go back home and enjoy some kid snacks.

That included the popular 90's kid fruit drink, Squeezit.

For people in their late 20's to late 30's, Squeezits are a major trip down nostalgia lane. They were made by General Mills.

They were first introduced in 1985 and rivaled Kool-Aid for the most popular fruit drink for kids during the 90's. They even had their own characters on the bottles to match the numerous flavors.

Other varieties included Mystery Squeezit, Lifesaver Squeezit and my personal favorite, Color Changing Squeezit, which included dis-solvable tablets you put in the bottle to change color.

Sadly, Squeezit was discontinued in 2001, although occasional popups of the product happened throughout the 2000's.

I adored Squeezit as a kid and still hold out hope it'll make a comeback one day...not that I would drink them as an adult -- actually forget I said that,. I would absolutely still drink these as an adult.

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