I was lucky.  I had a dad that really cared about what kind of person I was going to be when I grew up.  Not everyone can say that.  That's what Rob Kenney is on YouTube for...

He gives what he calls, "Dadvice."

Rob Kenney started a YouTube page called, "Dad, How Do I?" and its focus is to teach people who don't have a dad around that can teach them every day things -things like changing the oil in a car or how to shave.  His goal is to teach things that he says most people should know how to do.

"There's obviously so much more to being a dad than just running around fixing things. I walk alongside them and spend time with them and encourage them and share my wisdom that I've learned through hard knocks." - Rob Kenney

He says that he wasn't really close to his dad growing up.  He had to teach himself how to do those things.

He has two kids of his own that he's been able to share this info with.  But now that he has over 2 million followers on his YouTube page he says he has over 2 million kids that he's been sharing his advice with.

The best part is that this advice is literally for everyone.  It's not something that just boys need to know, or things that girls need to know, it's "dadvice" for everyone.  So if you are looking for a bit of advice yourself.  Maybe you need to know how to tie a tie or how to unclog a sink, check him out.  You'll get plenty of how-to's and a few dad jokes too.


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