A major event in the National Football League offseason could soon be in Buffalo. As soon as 2023.

Yesterday, according to ESPN, The NFL announced that they will now allow every NFL city to bid on the NFL combine. That means we could see the combine in a new city every year.

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The NFL combine is the one-stop-shop for NFL teams to scout and talk with college players as they get ready to be part of the NFL draft.

Since 1987, the combine has been hosted by the Colts in Indianolipous but now we could see the combine moved to a new NFL city every year.

The combine will stay in Indy until 2023 before making a possible move to another city. Of course, the Colts could bid to keep the combine in Indianolipous in 2023 and beyond.

Plus, the combine is not the only event that could be coming to Buffalo.

The league announced that they will also put the Super Bowl and the annual NFL Draft up for bidding as well.

That means we would see the draft coming to Buffalo. Wouldn't it be cool to see Niagara Square full of people with the draft as the convention center?

The draft was held in Cleveland this past April so having it in the Northeast has already been done and Western New York would be a perfect choice.

Like the combine, the NFL draft has been conducted in New York City for years before the league decided to move it from city to city.

If you could choose which event for Buffalo to host, which one would you pick?  The Superbowl, The NFL Combine, or the NFL Draft?

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