If you observe Lent, you have probably had your fair share of fried fish on Fridays. I mean you can't go anywhere in Western New York during Lent and not hear about all the fish fries. But, all that fried food isn't necessarily the most healthy choice. Why not switch things up with some fish tacos? I have found 8 restaurants in Buffalo that have amazing fish tacos. According to U.S. Catholic, the significance of eating fish on Friday has to do with abstaining from meat,

The practice of eating fish is related to the day we typically abstain from meat: Friday. This is the day that Christ died, so abstaining from the shedding (and consuming) of blood seems appropriate. Friday, the sixth day, was also the day that God created animals, so abstaining from meat is a symbolic “stay of execution” for cows, pigs, and sheep—just as the cross saves us from eternal death.

Photo by Jordan Nix on Unsplash
Photo by Jordan Nix on Unsplash

This list isn't only for people observing Lent. If you love a good taco and haven't tried fish, you are missing out. I am obsessed with fish tacos. There is just something about battered or grilled fish in a soft taco shell with all the fixins'. I personally like to dress mine up with a nice tangy slaw and green Tomatillo salsa. For some reason, red salsa isn't my thing on fish tacos. Whatever your preference is for the toppings, there are some great options for fish tacos in Buffalo. Check out these 8 spots.

8 Spots In Buffalo To Get Amazingly Delicious Fish Tacos

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