If you're not an expert on winter sports yet you are doing the Olympics wrong! We are too far in for you not to know everything about a sport you haven't cared about since four years ago! The Olympic fever takes over the United States every two years and it is truly special how it can bring us all together to root for one thing and that for USA to win the Gold!


What sports are Americans really watching though? We day we tune into them all but what are our favorite events to watch durning the games? Harris Poll has released these results and they may not be that shocking!

Most Popular Winter Olympic Events To Watch

  • Figure Skating (58%)
  • Ski jumping (49%)
  • Bobsledding (48%)
  • Speed skating (47%)
  • Snowboarding (43%)

DId you expect Ski jumping to be in the number two slot?!?! I will say that ski jumping does have a lot of thrill to it! Harris Poll also too into consideration the least popular events to watch too.

Least Popular Olympic Events To Watch

  • Nordic Combine (64%)
  • Skeleton (54%)

I find this one a little crazy! I get the Nordic Combine but it's just double the ski jumping if you think about it!?!? However, the Skeleton blows my mind!!!!! How could you not like it? It's the luge and bobsled but more dangerous!

Make sure you at least try to watch all the events, even if it's just for a little bit, because you may find out that you like an event and then turn into an expert!


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