There is a current shortage of baby formula in the United States.  Unfortunately, some retailers are trying to make some extra money at the parents' expense.

Parents with newborns are struggling.  It's hard enough to feed your baby when times are tough, but then add a shortage of what your baby needs to eat to that and many of them will do just about anything to feed them.

They're resorting to trying just about anything from milk banks to ordering formula from second-hand dealers on the internet (which health officials are adamantly against).  Often, babies can only take certain formulas.  Other brands will not agree with them and it can make them sick.

That's what makes this all that much more disgusting.

New York Attorney General Letitia James just handed out warnings to multiple online and brick-and-mortar stores that were caught over-charging for the formula that they had in stock.

"It’s unconscionable that some retailers are taking advantage of the national baby formula shortage while parents are struggling to find food for their children. Amid this crisis, families already have enough to worry about and should not have to worry about being price gouged. We are warning all retailers that New York will not tolerate price gouging of baby formula, and I encourage anyone who sees this to continue reporting it to my office.”

Some instances of price gouging that were found across New York include:

  • A consumer reported that a 19.8 ounce can of Enfamil Nutramigen formula, which typically sells for $44.99, was being sold by an Erie County retailer for $59.99.
  • A consumer reported that a 32-ounce ready-to-feed bottle of Enfamil NeuroPro was being sold by a Bronx retailer for $17.99 when it previously sold for $11.99.

If you come across instances of price-gouging they are asking you to report it here or call 800-771-7755.  They ask that you include the specific increased prices, the dates, and places that you saw the increased prices, and the type and size of formula being sold; and copies of your sales receipts and photos of the advertised prices, if available.

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