Thanksgiving has come and gone already? How is it possible? It seems we were just warning parents about the dangers of Halloween candy and asking drivers to use caution as trick-or-treating was going on. The year is almost over and yet there is one more new warning that New York has for us.

The gift giving season is here. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday have arrived and there is a hustle to get the best deals and the best gifts. But perhaps one of the most convenient gifts should be left to the adults.

The officials at the New York Lottery have asked adult to refrain from giving anyone under the age of 18 a lottery ticket.

“No matter the occasion, the New York Lottery’s scratch-off games are not appropriate gifts for children,” Gaming Commission Chair Brian O’Dwyer said. “This holiday season, we remind players that Lottery games should be gifted only by adults to adults.”

The list for Santa Claus grows everyday around our house. As a father of three boys under 7, I mom and I have our hands full trying to make sure Santa is aware of what the boys are asking for. This year, like the last 7, mom and I have "agreed" to only have Santa bring the boys gifts and not exchange gifts between us. But a lottery ticket or two always finds it's way in to the stockings.

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