It’s that time again, cold and flu season.  I’ve been lucky so far (knock on wood) and haven’t had a major cold or caught the flu but I’m thinking my luck will run out at some point.  I’m not one to stock up on over the counter medicines when I’m sick, I just fight through with rest lots of liquids and sleep usually.One of the reasons I tend to stay away from over the counter stuff is because I don’t like how it makes me feel and honestly I've never thought anything ever did much good aside from sleep.

If you’re feeling the flu or a cold coming on and need some home remedies I’ve got a few for you.

  1. Rest:  This is obvious, you’re sick and body needs to rest.  I’ve been known to sleep hours and hours when I’m sick.  I truly believe it’s the best remedy.
  2. Lots of water/hot liquids:  I hate when I have a chest cold or my sinuses are all clogged but drinking water and hot liquids like tea always help break up the congestion.  Vicks applied on the chest is also an old standby and probably the only over counter remedy I use with a cold.
  3. Hot showers: When your bones ache there is nothing better than a hot steamy shower.  If you're sick grab a hot shower.
  4. Gargling:  My mom swore by this and I can say it works.  Soar throat, warm up some water, add a teaspoon of salt and gargle a few time a day.  It always kicked my soar throat to the curb.