The way people shop has completely changed so it's not surprising to see that the places where we shop will need to change too.  That looks like the case with The Boulevard Mall.

The Boulevard Mall barely escaped foreclosure in December of 2017.  A month that many people would expect shopping to be at it's height and the mall is worried about paying the rent.  Like others of its kind, the future of the Boulevard Mall has been in question for some time now.

But while "going to the auction block" sounds ominous and final, AJ Baynes, the President and CEO of the Amherst Chamber of Commerce has a more positive outlook about it.  He tells WIVB that "Going on the auction block, no longer waiting in limbo is a good thing. I think we have some great developers locally that could take a look at this project."

The goal would be to change the way people use the mall instead of just doing away with it.  They would like to make it "a mixed use community with walkable retail and living space, similar to what developers are doing for the Eastern Hills Mall."

The auction is expected to take place in April or May.

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