Just a couple weeks ago we found out that the New York State Fair was coming back this year but we had no guidance on the Erie County Fair.  Today we know.

It's coming back!

The news comes on the heels of an address from Governor Andrew Cuomo where he stated that New York would be adopting the CDC's updated guidelines for mask wearing in the U.S.

Along with that announcement, he added that fairs will be approved to open and according to WGRZ, it was then that the Erie County Fair announced that they would proceed with plans to have the fair.  It will be scheduled for August 11-22 at the Hamburg Fairgrounds.

Just a couple days ago, the Erie County Fair had written up a plan along with a consulting company that showed that it would be safe to open the fair, even at full capacity, with the rate at which New Yorkers were getting vaccinated without increasing the rate of positive COVID results.

It was such a bummer last year to go without the fair.  They say it's the ten best days of summer, but when you think back of how many memories you've probably made there, it feels like even more.  The Erie County Fair IS summer....and we can't wait to have it back!

There are still more details to come before opening day and a lot of questions that will have to be answered.  Will they follow the model of the New York State Fair?  Will people have to be vaccinated to enter?  Will there be a capacity limit?  We will find out soon.


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