You waited all day for it.  It was that moment that you could stop paying attention to a teacher for a couple minutes and just relax.  It was halfway through the day.  It was lunchtime, and your mom could make it or break it for you depending on what she packed in your lunchbox.  I was a pretty happy kid if it was any of these things.

1.  Hostess Ho-Hos

I never said this list was going to be a healthy.  This was like the best "dessert" to have in your lunch box.  I used quotes around dessert because who says you have to eat it last?  You're in school.  You can eat your dessert first if you want.

2.  Ham and Cheese Loaf Sandwich

I don't know too many people that are a big fan of the ham and cheese loaf lunch meat, but I love it.  It's just like pimento and olive loaf, only instead of olives and pimentos, it's ham with little bits of cheese in it.  It saves time, and you get just a little cheese in every bite.  Again, probably not healthy, but I'm thinking like a fourth grader whose taste buds are making the decisions here.

3.  Doritos

Sure, your breath would stink like something died in you mouth for the rest of the day, but dang, they are good.  I'm not talking about that Cool Ranch crap either.  The original cheesy Doritos only, please.  The Cool Ranch were only good for trading.  And they weren't even all that good for that.

4.  Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Need to make a new friend?  Bam!  Mom is a genius.  She put a package of peanut butter cups in your lunch.  So now all you need to do is eat one and offer the second to the friend of your choice.  These were also a good trading option because if you were smart, you could eat one and use the second to trade for something else.  Kit Kats are another good example of good trading material.

5.  Leftover Pizza

What kid doesn't like pizza?  It doesn't matter if it wasn't warm.  If you had pizza in your lunch, you were cool.  This one is about as plain as day.

OK, now that I look at it, I was just about the unhealthiest eater ever as a kid.  Honestly, that's pretty much all junk food.  But man, did I ever like lunch!