I've always been able to say no when people asked me if I was allergic to anything.  I guess that's not the case anymore.  I found out the other day that I AM allergic to something.  And it freaked me out!

I was sitting on the air Saturday when suddenly my arm went from normal to speckled in a matter of seconds.  That's no exaggeration.  It was seconds before I could have played the best game of connect the dots ever!

I've never had something like that before so it freaked me out a bit, but I had other obligations to get to that day and didn't want to back out of them. 

Cremes weren't making it go away, and benedryl didn't really do anything for me so I figured I'd sleep on it.  By the way guys, this isn't the best plan of action.  If something feels like it's wrong...chances are, it IS!  Get to the hospital or emergency room and get it checked out!

Sunday when I woke up, I was covered from my neck to my ankles.  So there wasn't a question anymore.  I had to get it checked out.  I headed to an immediate care place and sure enough, they figured out that I was allergic to the amoxicillin that I was taking to treat the strep throat that I had the week before!  So after an IV, some more benedryl and a new prescription I was out the door. 

Dang!  Just about the time I think I'm doing the right thing for my body to get well and this!  But at least I caught it.  And now I know.  No more amoxicillin for this guy.