Every entertainer has a list of requests for their dressing room or wherever they are staying before a performance or live show.  Taylor Swift used to request edamame.  Blake Shelton's December 2010 backstage rider (requests) included Bacardi Rum, sugar free Red Bull, beer and pizza....just to name a few things (courtesy of thesmokinggun.com).  Britney Spears has a boat load of fatty requests on her backstage rider for the show X-Factor.  According to Look magazine, Spears needs... 12 Snickers bars, 10 big bags of Doritos, 10 pieces of fried chicken, 6 cases of diet Coke (really, diet?  At this point...go for the full-flavored regular Coke), 4 pints of potato salad as well.  On the non- food side of Britney's requests are - 12 vases of magnolias, 34 Herve Leger bandage dresses, a massage therapist, manicurist and lastly a facialist.  She also has a special room made up for her child to be in.


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