Airbnb's are one of the hottest crazes. Home owners can rent out their house to people under Airbnb. However, they'll now have to go through the city to do so.

According to WIVB, Airbnb owners will now have to pay a fee and register their rental with the city.

All Airbnb's will need to be inspected and on a registered list. If the owner lives on the property, they'll be required to pay a $150 fee. If they do not live on the property, it'll be a $250 fee, plus a special use permit.

“We’ve heard of other unsafe situations where people renting out basements with not the proper egress should something go wrong a fire or something like that so again this is just more to protect the user of the Airbnb as well as the operator,” said Common Councilmember, Chris Scanlon.

The legislation was approved on Tuesday, so it'll go into law when the Mayor signs it.

Below is a statement given to WYRK from Josh Meltzer, Head of Northeast Policy for Airbnb, on the regulations:

Airbnb supports common-sense regulation of home sharing and that’s why we have worked with hundreds of municipalities around the world to craft policies that address the needs of local government and of our community. We appreciate the Common Council and Mayor Brown for working with local hosts to craft clear rules of the road that will foster responsible home sharing. Their willingness to come to the table is a model for cities across the state on how to listen to all stakeholders and enact regulation that will allow any Buffalo resident to share their home to make extra income.


Read the full story at WIVB.

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