We all know that Bills Mafia is known for their love of the Buffalo Bills, giving back to the Western New York community and charities all across the county, and of course, jumping thru folding tables.

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Sometimes, when you jump thru a table things don't always work out the way you hope they, especially if you add the element of fire to the equation.

Check out this poor Bills Mafia Member who thought it was a good idea to not only try and jump thru a folding table but to light it on fire beforehand.

Barstool Sports posted this video on their Twitter Account.

Just a reminder to all Bills Mafia members, jumping thru a folding table is already a very dangerous stunt and when you add fire to it, it might be time to reconsider your decision.

This hasn't been the first time someone has added fire to the table before attempting to break it during a tailgate. This has been happening since 2019 when the Bills first returned to the playoffs after a 20+ year drought.

Check out some of the best "table breaking" videos on the internet.


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